BridgeTV is the the fastest & newest channel distributor in Baltics and Scandinavia. We represent and deliver most thrilling and modest entertainment to TV operators across networks

Distribution & representation

BridgeTv team will make your TV content distribution to grow like never before. We keep track of everything. Starting from market knowledge, online agreement and reporting management, up to collecting depts and creating market specific legal documents.

Consultation & market stradegy

Before you decide to enter with your content or launch TV services in Baltic & Scandinavian region - we will evaluate and build you "rock" solid investment plan and strategy how to get maximum efficiency and control over your service.

Virtual operatorship

We do operate as virtual TV operator using small and midsize operator networks to deliver our channel offering to end customers. We offer multiple TV packages for all our customers. It helps operators to provide modern entertainment to their customers & keeping costs under control.

Our Portfolio today

BrideTV started as whole new company in year 2018. We have very strong and competent team to deliver and launch any new channels or content in the market. Having more than 80 TV operators in Baltics we have personal and direct contacts with most of them to assure our customers the best quality of service .

BridgeTV has two main directions. First is channel distribution and representation . Second is to be active in the virtual operator world. We provide not only channels and content but also full packages for smaller and mid size operators to stay competitive with modern offerings in the market.

Our main contact

My goal is to develop my customers business. I take always one step more than expected.

Pert Lomp

Contact directly

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